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Wheelchairs Rentals

Weelchairs Rentals For Cruises , Hotels and Events

Manual wheelchairs can be a good choice for those passengers who need, if you travel with a passenger who is willing to push, are lightweight and easily stored, because hotels and cruises give you only a limited service, (point A to point B), much less stay for your use, you can rent your own chair with us, and have it available at all times.


We also recommend passengers or guests renting a Scooter; thereby not have to wait for the other person to move

Customers Choice

Customers have a choice of three types of wheelchairs: lightweight, standard or heavy. The maximum weight for wheelchairs is the following: wheelchairs Lightweight - 250 pounds, standard wheelchairs - 250 pounds, heavier wheelchairs - 350 pounds, more weight to, please call

Transportable Wheelchair

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Standard Wheelchair ( MERITS )

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Heavy Duty Wheelchair

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