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Scooter Rentals

Scooters Rentals For Cruises , Hotels and Events

Scooters can be easy and convenient for passengers of a cruise, giving them an easy way Move to from one side to another without having to walk, some people have difficulty walking, and others simply prefer to enjoy a comfortable way to spend their vacation.


We have three-wheel scooter to ensure better maneuverability when driving through the halls of a cruise you may find that we have a choice of three different types of scooter. Small, Standard and heavy duty these can pass through most standard cruise cabins and hotel rooms.

Customers Choice

Customers have a choice of three types of scooters: transportable , standard  or  heavy. The maximum weight for scooters is the following: scooter Transportable - 250 pounds, scooter standard - 350 pounds, heavier scooters - 450 pounds, more weight to, please call

Gogo Elite 3-Wheels

(From 1000 points.)

Overall Ratings

Pride Victory 10 3-Wheel

(From 1000 points.)

Overall Ratings

Pride Maxima 3--Wheels ---HEAVYDUTY---

Overall Ratings