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Total Mobility Force

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Make a Phone Call?

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Everything is very simple, just pick up the phone dial our number and in seconds, you can communicate with one of our representatives

They will be able to explain step by step, to plan at your convenience all you need

For your convenience we have different phone numbers
Local: (305-233-1270) Toll Free: (1-877-716-7213)

Choose the size of your fleet

How many units of mobility, I can get for my event?
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In our company you will find the necessary amount of mobility equipment you will need for each of your projects and expositions, either in convention centers , hotels or cruises lines

you or your organization will be able to rent from 1 to 500 units of mobility equipment

may also have equipment such as manual wheelchairs. electric wheel chairs, and more

Choose the day and time

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As part of good planning is necessary for you or your organization to tell us the day and time of your event, in order to make the delivery for any mobility equipment

We always inform our customers to contact us for 7-10 days before, to plan the date of delivery

That way we will ensure that your order is ready for your disposition

Delivery and pick up

For the delivery or picking up you dont have to worry!

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Our company has a fleet of trucks, which will be ready at your disposal at all times
for 1, 20, 100 or more units

Our company and staff guarantee the timely delivery of your order at the time and date you want