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About Us

About Nicevacation4u Rentals Miami

Nicevacation4u is a company dedicated to serving those travelers who need to solve their limitations in mobility, breathing, performance and comfort. Providing them the means to make your trip comfortable and carefree

Each year are serving thousands of persons who travel around the world offering a high quality of service and by making them feel like home with conviction and certainty that travels around the world is not a matter of a few, is for everyone

Our Vision ?

Our vision is to make all people know that we are a resource in the hands of everyone, and that in our services you can trust, every day we dedicate more, so that you have the service you deserve, expanding on ideas, places, sites and resources

Nicevacation4u offers a wide range of rental equipment such as wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and scooters

Our Guarantee

We offer the best selection and quality mobility products online, from the best manufacturers, we have the best prices anywhere else.

All types of oxygen dependency for daily use and sleep, so our customers feel satisfied at home, either in hotels or cruise

So, if you are looking for mobility and freedom, we have the best rental products and expertise to suit your needs and always for the lowest price.

Nicevacation4u offers delivery on time and give them comfort and acecibilidad, for you to enjoy your vacations

Nicevacation4u is the favorite of all businesses, including hotels and cruises worldwide


Nicevacation4u is one of the world''s leading suppliers of wheelchair rentals, scooter rentals, rental of oxygen and other more